Time for Another Metaphor


One of the most important concepts
I introduced in my first book
is metaphors.

Metaphors connect two seemingly unrelated ideas.

In doing so
it can help us discover
new or unexpected insights
into something we were previously unaware.

For example,
while I was on tour with my book
I shared the psychological pain and struggle
I experienced in the artistic creative process
with some of the people I met.

To my surprise,
Entrepreneurs resonated more deeply w/ my experience
than others.

It turns out
entrepreneurs experience
similar psychological/interpersonal pain and struggle
in the process of launching and running their business.

This experience helped me create a metaphor
between the experience of artists
and the experience of entrepreneurs,
which lead to a series of insights,
which is how I ended up coaching entrepreneurs/founders.

But until
I created that metaphor
I used to often say that I don’t understand entrepreneurs.

If I said I do understand,
it was just so I could feel entitled
to say something negative about them.

So now
whenever I say I don’t understand someone
or say I do understand them
just so I can say something negative about them,
I tell myself
that it’s time
for another