We say
that when we love someone
we want
what’s best for them.

What we don’t say,
but mean,
is that we may even want to make sure
they get the best.

So much so
that we may personally feel responsible
for giving them the best.

Even if it means making ourselves vulnerable
to feeling ashamed,
when we inevitably realize
that we are unable
to fulfill our responsibility.

Not because we did not
or could not give
but because our heart knows no limits
on how much
to give them.


When we delegate
we think
we are delegating
our tasks.

But we are also delegating
our values.

What we consider important.
How we make decisions.
How we prioritize.

Delegating mere tasks
without values
may end with you blurting out
the good ol’ saying:
“If you want something done right,
do it


For some reason,
has become a dirty word
in business.

Perhaps what’s needed
is a clear discernment
between winning
a zero sum game,
vs playing our own game,
where “winning“
is not defined
as zero sum.

Using Emotions

We are not

We have

We are not

We have

We are not

We have

The moment we take ownership
of an emotion,
just as we take ownership
of a car,
may also be the moment
we use them
to get to point B
from point
instead of letting them drive us
to where we do not wish
to go.

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In our fifth episode of the season, we host Kartik Kumar, Founder-CEO of SatSearch.

Since the founding of his company, Khartik aspired to promote a self-organizing team. But there came a time when such promotion led to chaos that made him to question not only this decision, but also the very process he has been using thus far _to_ make decisions. In this episode, we explore his inquiry into how a leader can make good decisions on a regular basis.

Playing Not to Lose

Often times
we say we want something
when really
we want to prevent
something else.

we do not want.

Some say
they want
but really
they do not want
to be small.

Some say
they want
but really
they do not want
to be poor.

Some say
they want success,
but really
they do not want
to fail.

not to
instead of playing
to win.

Burden of the Past

Move on,
they say.

Move with,
we experience.

we put it down.

We may even put them
in storage for a while.

But eventually
we take it out
pick it back up
and move with it.

And as we do
there may come a moment
when we look at it
with new eyes.

As if to discover
old photographs.

we now cherish.

Not for the content
of the past.

But for its meaning
in the present.