Two Birds with One Stone

we complain that our advice falls
on deaf ears.

If so
it may be worth discerning
the kind of problem
to which we’re giving

One type of problem
is a dilemma.

A dilemma arises
when we want to catch two birds
with one stone.

If our advice to someone with a dilemma
is to kill
just one bird.

The likelihood
of that advice falling on deaf ears
is high.

To Those Who Carry the Burden

To those
who carry the burden.

The small business CEOs,
responsible for paying their employees’

The parents,
responsible for their children’s

The operating room doctors,
responsible for their patients’

To all those
who have experienced the weight
of responsibility on their shoulders.

You may be feeling the pressure
to meet expectations.

You may be blaming yourself
day after day
for failing to meet

But may you never lose
the certainty
and confidence in yourself.

May you never doubt
your self-worth
or whether you’re working hard enough.

Because your life
is worthy of respect
exactly as they are.

While others may see you
I see greatness.

as the great mountains and valleys
are mere residues
of nature
under pressure and weight.

Great lives
are mere residues
of our will to sustain life
under pressure and weight.

p.s: This was inspired by my wife’s work and her comparison of nature’s work under pressure and weight and an artist’s work under pressure and weight.

p.p.s: I also made a video version of this narrated by AI.


For our behaviors to change,
our emotions
may have to change

For our emotions to change,
our thoughts
may have to change

For our thoughts to change
our focus
may have to change

For our focus to change
our perspective
may have to change


When doing something

To think that
can carry the weight
is a misunderstanding.

To think that
can or will carry the weight
with us
is also a misunderstanding.

It may be that
finding people
who can and will carry the weight
with us
and learning to share that weight
with them
is a major part of the work

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In our third episode of the season, we host Tim Weber, Founder and CEO of The Artists Uncut.

Tim wants to create a corporate environment, where people feel rewarded on a daily basis, not overwhelmed thinking about the big picture. He is worried that his inability to balance the big picture thinking with the celebration of the every day is preventing him from creating such an environment. In this episode, we explore Tim’s inquiry into this very balancing of the long-term vs the short-term.