Hamster Wheel

It’s easy to think
that the things
other people want us to do
are more important
than what we want to do.

It can seem
that doing what we want to do
is selfish and bad
while doing what others want us to do
is altruistic and good.

And yet,
we are the proverbial “other people”
to somebody else.

May we pause
to deeply wonder
what it is we’re doing
and ask ourselves
the wonderous question
of “why?”

Why have we prioritized
certain tasks
over others?

May we live life
as the wonderous
and paradoxical
that it is
of merely a series of problems
to be solved
our lives
can easily turn into something
to a hamster wheel.

The 3Ss

a tight rope

a net on the ground
for the future,
it can be difficult for her
to feel

a supportive rope
in the present,
it can be difficult for her
to feel

sufficient preparation
it can be difficult for her
to feel

When we feel
or vulnerable,
it may be useful
to ask ourselves
which of the 3
is missing,

To Do vs To Done

A to-do list,
can misguide us
to focus on getting things

May we remind ourselves
that it is a to-do list,
not a to-done list.

The list may say
spend 1-hour writing,
as opposed to saying
write 1 page.

Some things
don’t get done
by forcing it.

They get done
as a byproduct
of diligence
and persistence.

Cost of Hyper-Empathizing

When something
or someone
with which we hyper-empathize
is threatened,
we can obsess over rescuing
or protecting
that something
or someone
with which
we hyper-empathize.

This can drive us
to lose sight
of everything around us
and focus solely
on the survival
of only those
with which we hyper-empathize,
even if
it is at the expense of others
with whom
we do not
even if the other
is our so-called

Empathic Humor

“I want to kill him,”
she said,
her heads down,
referring to her co-founder.

“Tell me how you’d do it.”
I asked,

she looked up

“I want to hear your plan.”
I responded.

“Ha ha ha!”
she laughed out loud.

I smiled,
noticing her shoulders relax
and tension release.