of the most important things
we can recognize
in times of disagreements,
is that we need not take responsibility
for someone elses choice.

If the disagreement is because we feel like well have to take responsibility
for someone elses choice,
then make that clear,
I choose to support you on your decision
provided you make clear that you will take responsibility
for the consequences.


To change
our Circumstance
may we start
by changing
our “self.”

To change
our “self,”
may we start
by changing
our circumstance.

This may sound paradoxical,
but it merely means
that when something changes
in our environment
enough to inspres us
to take responsibility
for responding differently
to our environemtn
change starts

To Lose

Its easy to judge
as “bad.”

As long as we love someone
or something
we will eventually
lose them.

The only way not to lose
is to never

What we often forget
is that while we love
because we have yet to lose
we dont

And only appreciate
after we have lost.

Lowering Expectation vs Discovering Value

They say
the key to happiness
is lowering

Choosing to let go
of what we wish
to see.


But at others times
we can also experience happiness
by discovering
or creating value
through respecting.

By learning the choice
to see what is already there
in a new way.

from what we took for granted,
what we once assumed
too mundane
or worthless

A Move Ive Seen

If we can predict
what someone will say
in response to us,
and that response is negative
it is no wonder we will not act

Each and every time you respond to
something your employee says
that image is store in the person’s memory
repeat the same thing enough times
and it’s as if there is no chance of. different response.

I wouldn’t have

“if I were them,
I wouldn’t have done that”

The focus
lies on the behavior.

are mere symptoms
of our intention to
fulfill our needs
or to realize our values
as directed.

The question is whether we would behave differently
had we the same intentions, needs, and values.


What I learned in art
is that the work gets done
because there’s an exhibition.

Without an exhibition
the artist can work on their piece
until they’re perfect.

compared to perfection
the work
is never be enough.

The role of an exhibition
is to force us to define
what is “enough.”