We say
that when we love someone
we want
what’s best for them.

What we don’t say,
but mean,
is that we may even want to make sure
they get the best.

So much so
that we may personally feel responsible
for giving them the best.

Even if it means making ourselves vulnerable
to feeling ashamed,
when we inevitably realize
that we are unable
to fulfill our responsibility.

Not because we did not
or could not give
but because our heart knows no limits
on how much
to give them.

Hiring & Being Hired

If we have an outcome
we want to see happen
by hiring,
not merely a job description
to match,
may we take responsibility
for clarifying and communicating
what that is.

If we wish to fulfill the purpose
for having been hired
instead of merely offering skills
and completing tasks,
may we take responsibility
for discovering and clarifying
what outcome
we were hired
to realize.


we discover in hindsight,
that we have wasted our energy
on a distraction.

When this happens,
it may be easy to blame ourselves
for not having had

But without a clear direction,
what counts as distraction
and what does not
may only become obvious
in hindsight.

To decide with foresight
may we gain clarity of direction
to helps us discern
what counts as distraction
and what does not.

May we choose
to take responsibility
instead of blaming ourselves.

Unshared Weight

“The weight
of responsibility
is so heavy.”
remarked the Founder.

I responded.

“The weight
of unshared responsibility
is heavy.”
I continued.

“The weight
will be the same
no matter what.
The choice you have
is with whom
you’ll share it
and how.
The choice is yours
and yours
I remarked.