Proving to One’s Self

“I don’t want validation.
I just want to prove to myself
that I can do it.”
he said.

“How would you know
when you’ve proven it
to yourself?”
she asked.

“I’ll know it
when the customer
loves it.”
he replied.

“It sounds like
you need customer validation
to prove to yourself,
is that right?”
she asked.

Unshared Weight

“The weight
of responsibility
is so heavy.”
remarked the Founder.

I responded.

“The weight
of unshared responsibility
is heavy.”
I continued.

“The weight
will be the same
no matter what.
The choice you have
is with whom
you’ll share it
and how.
The choice is yours
and yours
I remarked.

Not About Me

When someone does something
we dislike
we tend to become

They hurt
They disrespected
They don’t appreciate


When we realize empathy,
we often see
that the behavior we considered
to be about
had less to do with
and more to do with
feeling unsupported.

The Personal Supporter Revolution

“Explain to me simply,
What it is
you want.”
he asked.

“I want people to have
not just personal computers,
but also personal supporters.”
I responded.

“I promise you,
just as we ask ourselves now
how did we live
without personal computers,
there will come a day,
when we will ask ourselves
how did we live
without personal supporters?”
I continued.

Getting Lost by Doing Well

When we work hard
we sometimes
our way.

It’s nobody’s

When we work hard,
we tend to

When we focus,
we can

When we obsess,
we can get

When we get impatient,
we can become

When we become myopic,
our priorities
can be decided for us
by our myopia,
of our holistic

When our decisions
are made for us
by our myopia
of our holistic
we can feel

It can be exceptionally hard
to be still
when this happens.

Especially so,
when we feel pressured
by external forces
and the fear of failure
looms large.

So we keep going
despite feeling

Isolation and Shame

When we feel
we can also feel

We think
‘After all,
if I’m the only one
on this path,
who‘s to say
I’m not lost?’

When we feel
traveling a path
of our own choice
we can also feel

We think
‘If I got lost
by going my way
then clearly
it’s my fault
and something
is wrong
with me.

Interrupted Thought Process

“Am I stubborn?”
asked the founder.

“Your thought process
is constantly being
I responded.

“What do you mean?”
he asked,
looking puzzled.

“For you
to change your mind,
you have to think things through,
I asked.

“Yes, of course.”
he answered.

“But if people around you
are only telling you
what they think,
your thought process
can constantly get
I continued.

“Unless a space is created,
where you can think through things
without being interrupted
you will be unlikely
to change your mind.”
I remarked.


When we realize empathy,
we come to see
what we previously
did not.

When we see
the unseen,
we come to know
what we previously
did not.

When we know
the unknown,
we come to comprehend
what we previously
did not.

When we comprehend
the incomprehensible,
we come to appreciate
what we previously
did not.

When we appreciate
the unappreciated,
we come to experience
in ways we previously
did not.

Want vs Like

What you want
may not be
what you want,
the moment others,
whose validation you crave,
don’t want it,

To better understand
what you want,
it can be useful
to find what you like
that others,
whose validation you crave,
don’t want.