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Coaching Employees

“Can you coach
one of our team members?”
asked the CEO.

if you’re willing to accept
the consequences.”
I responded.

he asked.

“That they may become
so empowered
that they finally work up
the courage
required to leave
your company.”
I answered.

Partnership – Part 2

Many partnerships
be it co-founders,
or others,
in not so amicable terms
due a deterioration
of trust
and respect.

Before that happens,
it’s worth asking ourselves
do we even trust
and respect each other

By trust,
I don’t mean considering their competence

I mean do we trust
that they’ll be by our side
to support us
when we
are at our worst?

By respect,
I don’t mean
appreciating their competence.

I mean can we see value in them
and over
and over again,
at will.

So much so
that we can see this
even when they’re at
their worst.

Enough to remind them
of their own self-worth
that they themselves
have forgotten.

To Those Who Carry the Burden

To those
who carry the burden.

The small business CEOs,
responsible for paying their employees’

The parents,
responsible for their children’s

The operating room doctors,
responsible for their patients’

To all those
who have experienced the weight
of responsibility on their shoulders.

You may be feeling the pressure
to meet expectations.

You may be blaming yourself
day after day
for failing to meet

But may you never lose
the certainty
and confidence in yourself.

May you never doubt
your self-worth
or whether you’re working hard enough.

Because your life
is worthy of respect
exactly as they are.

While others may see you
I see greatness.

as the great mountains and valleys
are mere residues
of nature
under pressure and weight.

Great lives
are mere residues
of our will to sustain life
under pressure and weight.

p.s: This was inspired by my wife’s work and her comparison of nature’s work under pressure and weight and an artist’s work under pressure and weight.

p.p.s: I also made a video version of this narrated by AI.

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In our fourth episode of the season, we host Chris Prange-Morgan, Author of “Broken, Brave and Bittersweet.”

Chris wants to tell her story in way that does not make her feel selfish. While she is not our typical Founder guest, I know many Founders who go through the same struggle when sharing their story. So in this episode, we explore Chris’ inquiry into this challenge of telling our story.