Irony is when we judge others as lacking empathy

To become one
is not
to be
the same.

No two “things”
can ever be
the same.

Especially so
if you consider
their locations.

To become one
can be
to become one
of a new

Just as two rings
can become
one chain.

May we ask ourselves
our responsibility

the limits
of our ability to respond

Because our responsibility ends,
where our ability ends.

To assume otherwise,
can be an easy way
to set us up
for frustration
and resentment.

We don’t just

We trust
that we

When trust gets shaken
does our knowledge,
and with it
the illusion
of certainty.

We tend to associate
with forward movement.

But forward movement
is not necessarily
if in the wrong direction

In fact,
it may be
the opposite
of progress.

May we check
our direction
before assuming

When someone says
the same thing
and over
and over again.

There lies an opportunity
to explore the depth
and nuance
of the supposed
“same thing”
with the realization
of empathy

“That’s not
something I can do…”
may simply be
an incomplete sentence,
implying the ending
“…without support.”

will be
your second exit.”
I remarked.

“What will you do
next?” I asked.

I want to live
my own life.” answered
the founder.

“Whose life
have you been living?”
I asked.

“The investors’.”
he answered
without hesitation.

“What has been
one of the biggest
lessons you’ve learned
this year
as a coach?” he asked.

“That it’s ok
to cry
with clients.”
I replied.