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Option vs Choice – Part 2

You choose an option
when you feel
like you have no other choice.

This is either or.

You make a choice,
when creativity strikes and a choice
you didn’t know existed
or you had becomes visible.

This is both
or neither.

p.s: My gratitude goes out to Bill Guschwan, who has inspired this post with some of the most amazing discussions I’ve been able to have around philosophy in his company.


What cold outreach taught me
was that what people are doing
is not rejecting me.

What they are doing
is saying things to me.

It is I who choose
to interpret their words
as rejection
or as something else.


When we delegate
we think
we are delegating
our tasks.

But we are also delegating
our values.

What we consider important.
How we make decisions.
How we prioritize.

Delegating mere tasks
without values
may end with you blurting out
the good ol’ saying:
“If you want something done right,
do it