Being Right vs Making Right

we disagree with someone
we can intend
to be right
by telling them
they’re wrong
we can intend
to make them right
by connecting their words
to a context in which
they’re right.

The option to do
is almost always

May we ask ourselves
why we choose
the other.


There are leaders
under whom we feel

Not because they want us
but because they focus
on whether we do well
or poorly.

Planting within us the idea
that our job
is to meet their

There are also leaders
under whom we feel

Not only because they need us,
but because they tell us
vulnerably so
they need us.

That they cannot do this
by themselves.

That they need
our help.

Planting within us the idea
that our job
is to be
our best.

Thanks to Connie Chun
who inspired this post.

Fear of Jumping

What if
the fear we feel
at the end of a cliff
is less the fear of falling
and more
that we will choose
to jump?

That the fear
comes less from the actual danger
and more
from the lack of faith in ourselves
to make the right

That we’ll be left
with nobody to blame
but ourselves?


of the most effective ways
to numb
is through pleasure.

If we take pleasure
in our work
it’s as if we are not injured
as a byproduct.

But then
out of the blue
one deep conversation
can pierce through that veil
and outcomes
the pouring of tears.

The Feeling of Support

While we may think
that we’re providing autonomy
for the employees’ benefit,
our employees
can actually feel
left alone
without support.

While we may think
that we’re expressing our concern
for the company’s benefit
our employers
can actually feel
uncared for
without support.

is an event.

as the confidence of an engineer
does not guarantee
whether the structure they built
is supportive,
our intention to support
does not guarantee
that support


What’s crushing
is less the hurdle
or challenge,
no matter how insurmountable
they may seem.

What’s crushing
is the feeling
that our actions
don’t matter,
that our efforts
don’t matter,
that we
don’t matter.

That we are helpless.
That it is hopeless.