Unintentionally Passive

are often hired
to solve
a problem.

But employees often think
they’re hired
to do
a job.

If the job done
doesn’t solve the problem
that inspired the hire
employees can be perceived
as passive
even if they’re proactive
in doing their job.

If the problem to be solved
isn’t clear
employers can be perceived
as unappreciative
and disrespectful
even if they care
about their employees.

When a Plan Comes Together

rarely go
as planned.

In fact,
they often fall

Perhaps this
is why Hannibal often said
“I love it,
when a plan

As if to denote
that a plan
has to fall apart
before it can come together
to create
a new plan
that actually goes
as planned.

p.s: Much gratitude goes out to Pinky Parsons for inspiring this post.