Men, not Unlike Women, are Complex

In a workshop I lead,
a woman—a wife—
publicly shared
that she never realized
how complex
men were.

She’s always assumed
were simple.

She witnessed
that when a coach creates a space
in which men
can be brave enough
to expose their feelings
of fear and shame
the complexity gets articulated.

It’s difficult o articulate what we’ve yet to learn how,
especially when there is social risk.

It often feels easier
to hide
or to repress.

Many men live this way
their entire lives.

There’s significant misunderstanding
or misperception
between men & women.

Much well-intended,
but overly simplistic misinformation
as well.
(i.e. Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus)

These may mask things in the short term,
but things can eventually erupt.

2 thoughts on “Men, not Unlike Women, are Complex

  1. Slim. I really like how you explained this. I work with teen dads who know deep down they really are complex. They have been told their whole lives to “man up” or “real men don’t cry or show weakness.” It’s critical for them to understand the opposite of this for them to be great dads! I see us raising a society of control freaks who are erupting younger and younger. Using socially accepted masks to veil the real pain.

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