Whole and Part

Just as a maze
can be more easily navigated
when we see its whole
—from above it—
than when we see it partially
—from within it—,
when we see our problem in its whole,
the solution
can often become obvious.

Then perhaps
the first step
to seeing the whole
was to realize
that we were seeing it
from within.

That we,
our perspectives,
were a part
of the problem.


Much will change,
when we are willing
and able
to help others feel understood
to the same degree
with which we
want to feel understood.

Much will change
when we are willing
and able
to provide what others need,
instead of what we think
they should need.

Serial Enterepreneurship

“How many startups
have you founded?”
I asked.

is my 3rd.”
she answered.

could not have been
easy.” I said.

“It’s like
having kids.”
she replied
without hesitation.

“When you have them,
you tell yourself
‘never again!’”
she continued

“But somehow
you forget that
and before you know it
you’re having
another one.”


The root
of “wisdom”
is “weid-,”
“to see.”

When we realize empathy,
we connect
our experience
with that
of another.

we did not know
to connect.

And it is in that instant,
we come to see
we previously
did not.

If Steve is right
that creativity
is coming to see something
could not
by connecting
then perhaps realizing empathy
is creativity
imbued with the wisdom
of love.

To Become One

To become one
is not
to be
the same.

No two “things”
can ever be
the same.

Especially so
if you consider
their locations.

To become one
can be
to become one
of a new kind.

Just as two rings
can become
one chain.

Illusion of Progress

We tend to associate
with forward movement.

But forward movement
is not necessarily
if in the wrong direction

In fact,
it may be
the opposite
of progress.

May we check
our direction
before assuming