Responsibility vs Blame

is response + ability.

It is our ability
to respond.

It points to our potential
for autonomous action.

It is distinct
from blaming ourselves
or anyone else
for being
at fault.

Unless you believe
your greatest potential for action
lies in blaming
or others.

p.s: Much gratitude to Margaret Rose for the email exchange that inspired me to write this post.

My Fault

There are times
when it seems so clear
that the fault
is ours.

I raised my child poorly.

I lead my company to bankruptcy.

I failed to support my spouse.

This often happens
when there are two things
equally clear
if you’re willing
to see them.

is that you’re someone
who is willing
to take

is that you have
emotional needs.

Perhaps the need
to be forgiven.

Upon seeing these two things
may you learn the choice
to take responsibility
for fulfilling
your own emotional needs
as well as worrying
about the emotional needs
of others.