Not Growing

“My employees
are not growing!”
said the founder.

“not growing?
or not meeting your expectations?”
I asked.

Let us start from a place of honesty
instead of judgment

“My boss
is annoying”
said the employee

Is she an annoying person
or is your judgement of her
giving rise
to your annoyance?


I feel so stupid,
how come these people know so much more
than I do?

What if they learned those things
by making mistakes?

What do you mean?

What I’m seeing you do
is stall until you feel like you have everything figure out

The people you’re talking about
aren’t smarter than you,
they just went ahead and did things without waiting to figure everything out.

Difficult to Work

Some people
are difficult
to work with.

We say that
as if difficulty
is abnormal.

Would life be better
if life were easier?

Or is part of what makes life
is that it is

When we admit
that easy
does not exist
in the absence
of difficulty,
we realize


Partnering up
because it would be difficult
to do it
is different from
partnering up
because I don’t think
I can do it

This isn’t to say
one is good
and the other
is bad.

It is to say
one has to be aware
that there is humility
in the first
and lack of self-confidence
in the other.

Giving Advice

There are
at least two ways
of giving advice.

what most do,
is tell people
what they should do.

is laying out for people
a variety of options,
asking them to add more,
discussing their consequences or influences of their outcome
on the lives of those who choose each
then let them make the final decision

Belief & Imagination

Suspending disbelief
open us up
to imagine
without believing.

And if we have trouble imagining
we can seek support
just as artists do
from the very material with which
we’re trying to imagine
by asking them questions
and working with them
to see what we can learn from them.