Validating Others

It can be hard
to validate others
when it seems as though
validating them

It can be crucial
to ask yourself
whether it is true
that validating others
invalidating ourselves,
that we simply cannot see
the situation
in such a way
that validatings others
need not mean


When someone judges us
a “difficult case,”
the difficulty
is experienced by the person
with the judgment

If they had greater skills,
we wouldn’t be difficult anymore.

Why we sound crazy

When others
cannot understand what we’re saying
or doing
we can,
to them,

‘t their fault.

I couldn’t even understand myself,
so how could I expect more from others?

But then I met people
who understood me
better than I could understand

Without them
I would not be here.

If you are feeling
depressed and anxious
I want you to know
that it’s not your fault.

Nor is it the fault of those around you.

You sought validation.

Only to realize
that others
think you’re crazy.

Here’s the thing.

Both you
and others
are not

The reason why others think you’re crazy
is because they cannot
empathize with you.

They cannot empathize with you,
because they don’t know how.

You’re not helping, either,
because you’re not communicating well.

You’re not communicating well,
because you don’t know
what you’re talking about.

You don’t know what you’re talking about,
not because you’re incompetent,
or stupid,
but because you haven’t reflected enough.

That’s not your fault.

When we’re alone,
it’s very easy
to confuse rumination
with reflection.

May we remember
that reflection
a particular kind
of relationship.

May we not let others convince us
that we’re crazy.

May we develop a relationship
where we can reflect.

/wy p


Making mistakes
is often times the only way
to learn.

you are able to achieve
without learning
but when what you didnt learn
because you were busy achieving
becomes relevant
unless you know what to look for
you will make the mistake and learn from it


Think of the “self”
as possibilities.

What will arise in the moment
as “self”
may be contingent upon
numerous variables
not the least of which
is our judgment
of what is right