What’s crushing
is less the hurdle
or challenge,
no matter how insurmountable
they may seem.

What’s crushing
is the feeling
that our actions
don’t matter,
that our efforts
don’t matter,
that we
don’t matter.

That we are helpless.
That it is hopeless.

Receiving and Giving vs Being and Creating

May we ask
whether we desire
and creating with someone
or giving to
and receiving from them.

The more we want to give to,
or receive from someone,
the harder it can become
to be
or to create with them.

or creating with someone
requires being present,
without expectation,
suspending our need
to fulfill a need,
and instead
letting emergence guide us
through uncertainty.

Validation vs Vengefulness

the challenge
is less believing in ourselves
and more believing in others
who believe in us.

our craving for validation
is not mere craving
for validation
but craving validation
from specific someone
or group of people
because we do not deem enough
the validations we’ve already

what we crave
is not mere validation
but revenge
born out of the desire
to prove certain people