Apology as Load Sharing

When someone gives us
an apology
we need to receive,
the load of a burden we’ve been carrying
becomes shared
with the person
who gave
the apology.

When someone accepts
our apology
we need accepted,
the load of a burden we’ve been carrying
becomes​ shared
with the person
who accepted
the apology.

Achievement vs Development

If your goal
is to lift weights,
you can achieve that goal
by lifting weights.

But for your muscles to develop
you must put the weights down
and help your muscles

Without recovery
you may achieve,
and achieve
with minimal development
while promoting fatigue
and injury.

What if
our psychology
and our relationships
were like muscles?


is something
we already have.

If we don’t feel it
it’s because we only feel it
when we see it
with appreciation.

We often learn this
we’ve lost it.

As we all of a sudden
having seen it
without appreciation.

All the while,
appreciating it now
since we have lost it.