The 3Ss

a tight rope

a net on the ground
for the future,
it can be difficult for her
to feel

a supportive rope
in the present,
it can be difficult for her
to feel

sufficient preparation
it can be difficult for her
to feel

When we feel
or vulnerable,
it may be useful
to ask ourselves
which of the 3
is missing,

Misunderstanding How Lobsters Grow

There’s a meme on how lobsters grow
by shedding their rigid shell and producing a new one.

It points out that before it can grow,
a lobster feels stress against their shell.

Thus, the moral of the story is:
1) Treating stress as a problem to be solved is to prevent growth.
2) Stress can be a sign of growth.

What it skims through, though,
is how lobsters need a rock
to protect itself from predators
before it can shed its shell.

So if our client, employee, boss, or partner
seems to be unwilling to let go of their shell,
or to grow & innovate,
the question isn’t “Why are they being so rigid?!”
It’s “Do we have a rock in place?”

Let me know if you’re willing to be a rock.