What is a Product?

is another word
for “outcome.”

The product of
4 and 4
is 16.

When a designer designs something
the product
from the designer’s perspective
is the outcome
of their design.

When someone buys something
the product
from their perspective
is the outcome
of their purchase.

The product
people are buying
are not always
the product
we’ve designed.

Wanting Others to Listen

As much as salespeople would like to sell,
Customers have no obligation to buy.

In that sense,
When we want something from others—
Even if we merely want them to listen to us—
One could say that we’re (momentarily) in sales and
They are our customers.

If so, let us notice how we sell,
When we want our children to clean their room,
When we want our employees to do a better job,
When we want our clients or patients to implement our strategy.

Ever walk into a dealership
Only to walk out,
Because you didn’t like the way they sell—
Even if you loved the car?

Unless our customers are unwilling or
Unable to say “No,” to us,
If we sell a particular way,
It is only natural that they won’t buy.