Being Right vs Making Right

we disagree with someone
we can intend
to be right
by telling them
they’re wrong
we can intend
to make them right
by connecting their words
to a context in which
they’re right.

The option to do
is almost always

May we ask ourselves
why we choose
the other.

Right vs Right

There are times
when we cannot reconcile
the conflict between
what is right
for us
and what is right
for them.

A paradox.

This is a place,
where we may recognize
what is right for others,
but feel stuck
because what is right for us
seems negated
by their’s.

Let us learn the choice
to give and receive support
in this place.

A place
of struggle.

that can help us all realize empathy
so we can finally see
where it is
we previously did not look
and respect it
so as to let
the paradox dissolve
and give rise
to a new way
of being