Intuition as Guide

It can be useful
to think of intuition
as a guide.

A guide does not claim
to have the right

A guide merely claims
to know something
of paying

We may choose
to ignore the guide.

We may also choose
to follow the guide
and learn what the guide

But may we not
blame the guide
for our decisions.

The guide never claimed
to have the right

Moved to Chicago

I’ve moved.

To Chicago.

Until I was 21,
I not only moved every ~2 years locally,
but also every ~5 years internationally.

To a child,
moving can bring great grief into their lives,
leaving behind many emotional scars.

B‍‍‍‍‍‍ut I’m ultimately grateful for the pain.
They helped me mature and innovate my “self.”

I don’t know many people in Chicago.
I have nothing planned,
nor do I have business lined up locally.

All I have is an intuition,
That this is where I’m meant to be now.

Am I being impulsive?

Yet intuition is what’s guided me on my journey of 41 years.
A journey of maturing and innovating with others.
Not alone.
A journey of empathy.

It’s served me well so far.
I trust it.