Interrupted Thought Process

“Am I stubborn?”
asked the founder.

“Your thought process
is constantly being
I responded.

“What do you mean?”
he asked,
looking puzzled.

“For you
to change your mind,
you have to think things through,
I asked.

“Yes, of course.”
he answered.

“But if people around you
are only telling you
what they think,
your thought process
can constantly get
I continued.

“Unless a space is created,
where you can think through things
without being interrupted
you will be unlikely
to change your mind.”
I remarked.

To be Human

The Chinese character
for a human being (人)
are two strokes
one another.

What if
it is difficult
to be human
without support?

What if
our blaming of others
for behaving less than human
only isolates them
making it even harder
for them
to be human?

What if…?