Being Right vs Making Right

we disagree with someone
we can intend
to be right
by telling them
they’re wrong
we can intend
to make them right
by connecting their words
to a context in which
they’re right.

The option to do
is almost always

May we ask ourselves
why we choose
the other.

Efficient Use of Energy

Any time we have the urge to say “I disagree,”
It’s worth asking ourselves “What purpose am I hoping to fulfill?”

If the purpose of expressing disagreement is…

  1. To express disagreement, then spending our energy to express disagreement would likely be energy well-spent.
  2. To prevent something “bad” from happening, the energy may be better spent expressing our fear or concern of the “bad” thing.
  3. To ask the other person to do something, the energy may be better spent making a request to the other person.