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In our fifth episode of the season, we host Kartik Kumar, Founder-CEO of SatSearch.

Since the founding of his company, Khartik aspired to promote a self-organizing team. But there came a time when such promotion led to chaos that made him to question not only this decision, but also the very process he has been using thus far _to_ make decisions. In this episode, we explore his inquiry into how a leader can make good decisions on a regular basis.

Intuition as Guide

It can be useful
to think of intuition
as a guide.

A guide does not claim
to have the right

A guide merely claims
to know something
of paying

We may choose
to ignore the guide.

We may also choose
to follow the guide
and learn what the guide

But may we not
blame the guide
for our decisions.

The guide never claimed
to have the right

Tug of Self-Image

There is a “self” we think
we should be.

There is a “self” others say
we should be.

There is a a “self” we think
we are.

There is a “self” others think
we are.

All of them blinds us
to the “self”
we actually are
or the “self”
we can be.