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In our second episode of the season, we host Luke Segars, Co-Founder and CTO of Subsalt.

Having experienced both the positive and the negative impact of culture, Luke wants to ensure that the company he leads becomes an example of the former. In this episode, we explore his inquiry into building such a culture from scratch.

It wasn’t the Culture

He thinks
he cultivated a company culture
that motivated me
and brought out
my best.

In reality,
I thought he was the father
I never had.

I was motivated
not to work hard,
but to get his _love_
instead of my father’s.

Because it was easier.

After all,
all it required
was to work

Working hard
was not enough
for my father.

I’m glad
the culture didn’t block me
from seeking his love,
but it wasn’t the culture
that motivated me
or brought out
my best.