As Doth a Streetlight

photo_2020-03-20 23.56.54
“Lights On” / Seung Chan Lim (Slim) / March 20, 2020 / North Columbus Dr., Chicago, IL


As doth
a streetlight,
being there
for each other
with their lights on,
with nary a guarantee
of the future,
will get through this.


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Self-Image vs Identity

Our identity,
is who we are.

No matter what anyone says,
we are
who we are.

Our self-image
is created,
when we let others
or even ourselves
our identity.

“You’re the athletic one
and your sister
is the smart one.”

“I’m not good
at math.”

​Men don’t cry.”​

May we not confuse
our identity
with our

After Love or Hate?

of the most common emotions
founders discover
within themselves
is vengefulness.

In the presence
of vengefulness
it’s sometimes worth asking
whether our time
is best spent
on what we hate
what we love.

Because sometimes
we may only have enough time
to choose
who or what we love
who or what we hate.

the lack of time
isn’t always obvious
until we explore
the question.

In fact,
we may not even realize
that we are experiencing
until we realize empathy
with ourselves.