Where am I?

Focusing on a desire
of what we want
can create the tension
required to motivate us
to keep moving
toward the future.

And yet,
such desire alone
can often lead us
to inadvertently focus
on where we are not.

It is in being aware
of not only our desire,
but also the progress
we’ve made thus far
that we may recognize
where we are.

It is in this awareness,
where notions of
past, present, and future
can make way
for a sense
of belonging.

A sense
that we deserve
to be where we are,
thanks not only
to our own merits,
but also the merit
of our supporters,
and our circumstances.

Beginner’s Mindset

Those of us
who started our companies
with nothing more
than “I want this!”
often lost our way
when we started wanting
things others say we should want
or things we assumed others wanted.

It was often
not until we got near the death
of our companies
and had to face
either those to whom we are indebted
or those whom we had to let go,
that we were forced
to return to the simple question
“What do I want?”

A question often misunderstood
as an expression of greed
or selfishness,
when in fact,
it can be the fuel
for the most empathic expression.

An expression that can provide value
to our customers,
and ourselves.

An expression
born out
of a beginner’s mindset.

The World I Wish to Create

In commemoration
of suicide prevention week,
I’m providing coaching sessions
to founders in distress,

Sign-up here.

is not merely about
or pain.

We suffer,
when we feel stuck,
unable to make sense of
or progress from
or pain.

I live to create a world,
where anyone on the journey
of personal & systemic innovation
can receive help
getting unstuck
and making sense
and progress
within 72 hours.

The kind of help
that draws out
from within us
the natural empathy,
and creativity
we all possess.

Why Aren’t They Growing?

We often say
plants grow
when the right conditions
are present.

This is true.

What’s often unspoken,
is time.

Even with the right conditions,
if we stare at the plant
second by second,
wondering why it’s not growing,
we can easily get frustrated
by their lack of growth.