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In our fifth episode of the season, we host Kartik Kumar, Founder-CEO of SatSearch.

Since the founding of his company, Khartik aspired to promote a self-organizing team. But there came a time when such promotion led to chaos that made him to question not only this decision, but also the very process he has been using thus far _to_ make decisions. In this episode, we explore his inquiry into how a leader can make good decisions on a regular basis.

Playing Not to Lose

Often times
we say we want something
when really
we want to prevent
something else.

we do not want.

Some say
they want
but really
they do not want
to be small.

Some say
they want
but really
they do not want
to be poor.

Some say
they want success,
but really
they do not want
to fail.

not to
instead of playing
to win.

Burden of the Past

Move on,
they say.

Move with,
we experience.

we put it down.

We may even put them
in storage for a while.

But eventually
we take it out
pick it back up
and move with it.

And as we do
there may come a moment
when we look at it
with new eyes.

As if to discover
old photographs.

we now cherish.

Not for the content
of the past.

But for its meaning
in the present.

Two Birds with One Stone

we complain that our advice falls
on deaf ears.

If so
it may be worth discerning
the kind of problem
to which we’re giving

One type of problem
is a dilemma.

A dilemma arises
when we want to catch two birds
with one stone.

If our advice to someone with a dilemma
is to kill
just one bird.

The likelihood
of that advice falling on deaf ears
is high.

Difficult to Work

Some people
are difficult
to work with.

We say that
as if difficulty
is abnormal.

Would life be better
if life were easier?

Or is part of what makes life
is that it is

When we admit
that easy
does not exist
in the absence
of difficulty,
we realize